Maternal Health Issues Of Egypt And Haiti Essay examples

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There were many themes in the videos concerning important maternal health issues in Egypt and Haiti. One theme is that they were based in impoverished areas with little access to care. Being able to afford and have a place to go for medical help is important for the well being of the residents. Both places had some complications with birth that lead to the baby or the mother dying or being sick that was not well taken care of. The cultures in both these areas were different. It appeared as if the women were seen more as equals in Egypt, then they did in Haiti, where their standing came from the men they married. In Haiti, one gender-based factor that stood out was that the women would marry again if their husband died, and would be expected to have more children even if she already had ten. Another theme I noticed as that both places had a river they have to cross to get care from a hospital, but Egypt has a nurse in the area.
There are unique elements of maternal health in each country. In Egypt, they had a person called a Daya providing maternal health. This Daya was an uneducated woman trained by her mother to assist women in birthing. They had many problems with the Daya’s such as, they could not identify issues quick enough to get a woman to the hospital in time if needed. An example of this would be if the woman was bleeding to a point where it needed attention the Daya would not notice it was serious enough to need hospitalization in time. Once the Dayas realized…

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