Mass Media Representation And Creation Of Culture Essay

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Mass media are a form of communication that reaches the masses whether it be written, displayed, or broadcasted. Types of mass media include television, the Internet, newspapers, and the radio to name a few. Mass media plays a vital role in our democratic society, it influences the beliefs, perspectives, and decisions of the audience targeted. Sociologist considers the mass media representation and creation of culture otherwise known as mediated culture (Dean, 2010). We live in a society today where we are constantly told what to believe, what to consider important, and how one should feel. As technology has evolved, we have reached an era where mass media is part of everyday life.
Throughout history, there have been significant developments in the evolution of mass media. According to Campbell, Martin, and Fabos (2013), in early societies, communication was slowly circulated orally as the alphabet advanced and written form began to take emerge modern printing developed. Around the fifteenth century, the printing press would produce mass publications of books and newspapers. The most significant developments in mass media established in the last century. With the rise of the film, personal computers, cable TV, and the radio the electric age began to thrive as the primary sources of information. The digital era today has become the dominate source of mass media granting access to images, text, and sounds viewed on the Internet, phones, emails, and television (pp. 7-9).
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