Mass Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

728 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Each and every day we are bombarded with viewpoints from mass media with the sole purpose of influencing, informing, and shaping our every decision and belief systems. My question would be, what are we doing as a people in being inquisitive and finding transparency in the claims of our government and corporations? The applications of this question are universal and in our society it applies to a wide array of issues. This question deals with a spectrum of issues that range from the wars abroad and government meddling, the baseless claims of corporations that certain products can have substantial benefits for us, and the claims of mass media that are heavily geared towards distorting and reshaping our views not only on the outside world, but also at home in the United States. We live in a time where nearly all of the population has the Internet at their convenience for news, social media, and advertising. Such a vehicle can be used to propagate ideologies and garner support for new products or conflicts. The question here that we all must ask is, why we blindly follow the cheap slogans and words of politicians without pondering the consequences of our actions. How much longer can we live with our minds shrouded in ignorance and not caring for those that bear the brunt of our actions solely because the situation doesn’t directly affect us? Personally, I feel a strong connection to this question because too often, people in our society are oblivious to the exact nature of our…

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