Essay on Mass Chromatography Mass Spectrometry ( Gc Ms ) Systems

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Today, Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) systems are rapidly becoming the definitive analytical tool in the research laboratories. The GC-MS system that is an analytical method basically provides to identify different elements in the test sample. The purpose of the GC step is to separate multiple compounds in a sample. The purpose of the MS is to detect and identify of the components of a mixture of compounds [1].
Principle of GC/MS:
GC/MS system is a useful tool to separate and identify unknown organic compounds and gases. The GC is basically a temperature-controlled oven designed to hold and heat the GC column. A carrier gas is used to sweep the injected sample into the column where the separation occurs and then out into the MS [2]. The MS is an analytical technique that identifies compounds of the molecules.

In GC/MS system, the sample is volatilized by high temperature (up to 300°C) and it is mixed with a stream of carrier gas (Ar, He, N2, or H2) during the transfer into the GC. Four principal sections can be distinguished in a GC-MS system to achieve the identification of compounds: injection, separation, detection, and data handling units.
The injection system transfers the sample to the capillary column quantitatively. It is a critical step for the correct GC operation because the gate from injection system to the column must be clean, inert, and leak-free [3]. Then the mixture goes the separation section, which is the capillary column.…

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