Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs Essay

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An American psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow created a theory: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This theory indicated that people have five categories of needs and these need are considered as a specific order which from low level to high level (Maslow 1987). Maslow pointed out that when people fulfil the need of low level and then would pursue higher needs such as a gradual rise (Pardee 1990). Moreover, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs could be applied to work environment, because demand of people could relate to motivation and behavior. According to ACCEL 2015, motivation can be seen as a significant element to improve the work performance. In addition, employee behavior could affect work efficiency, because worker who keep a positive work altitude can do better than others (Kumari and Pandey 2011). So, in the essay will explain motivation theory, employee behavior at the work and Maslow theory apply to work. What is more, this essay will more focus on evaluation of Maslow’s hierarchy needs.

To define motivation that is a potential power which could push people to take some action when they need or desire something (Shakes No Date). Similarly, Maslow point out that people ‘s motivation come from unsatisfied needs, if people who satisfied with everything this could led to no motivation (Pardee 1990, cited in Burke 1987). Why motivation is important, according to Pardee 1990, motivation is an important factor to increase work performance. For example, Miller (1992) highlighted…

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