Masculinity Is The Catalyst Of Turmoil Essay

1581 Words Nov 15th, 2016 7 Pages
The idea of masculinity is the catalyst of turmoil for our society and its problems. Boys at a young age are taught to only to “manly” things and don’t do anything girly. Masculine and feminine characteristics are in both male are females. This damages the psyche of boy and men in society especially America. Since boys are taught to not be like a “sissy”or throw a ball “like a girl,” it teaches them that women are inferior to men which leads to the objectifying of women and also lead to homophobia. But in the long run, bottling up all these feminine emotions which leaves men pent up and lead to an explosion of violence and aggression
Masculinity is “the rejection of all that is feminine,(The Mask You Live In)” in basic terms. The main emotions men are socially accepted to express is anger and aggression. All the other feminine traits like compassion and love is looked down upon and seen as weak. Boy are even taught to not “express emotions (The Mask You Live In)” at all. “Not athletic? You’re not a man. Can’t shoot a gun? You’re not a man. Not dating? You’re not a man (Religion News Service).” All these different achievement, if not met make you a lesser man to someone else who is a sharpshooter or a great athlete. Guys are constantly pressured into competing to see who is the bigger man and try proving it as much as it is possible. In high school, I had bragging rights among my nerd group because I was an athlete and played basketball. I didn’t need to prove myself too…

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