Mascots That Are Images Of Native Americans Essay examples

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For our group discussion, I will be covering mascots that are images of Native Americans. First, I want everyone to envision the outrage if a sports team, professional or college, decided to have a mascot that mocked African Americans, Latinos, Jews or the disabled. Most would not find it funny or witty, as it violates the bounds of respect and decency by their very nature (Armour, 2016). So, why is it permitted that teams, such as, the Indians are able to use Chief Wahoo as their mascot? Currently, sports team mascots are the most widespread stereotype. Through this I will ask other students to name some teams that have mascots fulfilling the Native American stereotype. After they mention some popular teams, I will then ask if they feel that Native Americans are being too sensitive and should instead be honored that they are being represented. Then I will present facts pertaining to how many teams claim they are honoring the Indian culture, while in reality they are harming the self-esteem of Native American youth and teaching other cultures youth that they can participate in and perpetuate culturally abusive behavior according to the American Psychology Association (Armour, 2016). While some may argue that mascots are simply just an image placed with a sports team. It is important to recognize that in reality, mascots provide a symbol that can be a focal point for a fan community (Lewis, 2015). Next, I will go into brief conversation about the Washington Redskins and…

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