Essay on Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein And The Age Of Eighteen

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In 1820, Gothic literature was coming to an end in terms of popularity, but a short story containing supernatural content still managed to overcome this barrier and catch the public’s attention ( Frankenstein is a short story that was anonymously published in 1818. It was not until the novel’s 1831 edition that it was discovered through the novel’s preface that it was in fact Mary Shelley the one who had written the novel in which she explained that it was her who had written the novel (Explore the Exhibition). Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein due to the circumstances she was going through in her personal life, an inspiration that was given to her and to share her thoughts on life.
Mary Shelley at the age of eighteen was able to give meaning to a story such as Frankenstein because she had been through tragic events in her life. To begin with, Shelley never met her biological mother, since she passed away at the time of Shelley’s birth. Throughout her whole life, she lived with her father, who remarried when she was just four years old. A few years later, she was sent away by her stepmother. The relationship between Shelley and her stepmother was not the greatest, they did not like each other. When Shelley became older she was sent away by her. Time passed by and Shelley returned home where she met Percy Bysshe Shelley, whom she could not marry right away due to the fact that he was still married to his first wife. Mary Shelley, not yet married, ran away with…

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