Essay about Marx and Frued

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Abdinasir hussein
Soc 401
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Mid-term paper
Freud and Marx will never be forgotten as their legacies carry on through their respective theories. Each of their theories are extensive however, for the purposes of this essay I will compare and contrast their theory regarding freedom and the relationship between the individual and society. Freud and Marx, it can argued were both, as individuals, dissatisfied with their societies. In the process of discussing both Freud’s and Marx’s positions regarding these areas of focus their answers to the following question will be evident and their reasoning explained. Is it possible for human’s to create a society that would not cause so much suffering and, therefore maximize the
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The reality principle governs the ego. It aims to postpone gratification due to reality in order to satisfy the id long term. The ego is the mediator between the id and superego. It is always trying to reach a compromise and balance between the two. The superego or conscience works in direct opposition to the id. It controls an individual’s sense of right and wrong as well as guilt. The superego acts as an authority and its purpose is to get the individual to behave in socially appropriate ways. Civilization and institutions within it serve the same purpose of the superego.
According to Freud there are three sources of suffering. Suffering from the body, nature, and relationships aka civilization aka society. Freud believes that a majority of suffering comes from the third source. This is ironic because it means that individuals receive the most pain from the source they created themselves. Individuals serve and are dominated by the things they have established themselves. This was not the intent. According to Freud civilization was established out of love and necessity in order to make life easier and more enjoyable for the individual. Instead it causes the most pain. Freud argues that the pain originates from the fact that civilization thwarts the freedom of the individual to satisfy the id and the pleasure principle. He states “the liberty of the individual is no gift of civilization” (pg49).Freud believes that society hinders

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