Marvel 's Impact On America Essay

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Marvel Entertainment’s impact on America Marvel Entertainment began as Timely Comics in 1939 in New York City and has blossomed under Marvel’s chief editors, which includes Marvel’s most well-known comic book creator Stan Lee. Since its inception, Marvel Entertainment, a company that has had many periods of financial success, has showcased important American social and political events and trends through its characters and storylines that are still relevant today. Since its start Marvel has had times of fiscal success, and fiscal downfall. Some of their most successful endeavors have been the movies that have been based on Marvel comics. From 1986 to 2014, thirty-six of the most famous Marvel based movies were produced. In 1986 Howard the Duck, a movie that Universal Studios produced based on one of Marvel’s famous characters; grossed over 16 million dollars in the American box office. All thirty-six movies earned a total of over 7 billion dollars in the United States box office with an average of 195,286,480 dollars per movie. The movie Marvel’s The Avengers broke the record for biggest box office debut by grossing over 600 million in the US and over 1.5 billion worldwide (“boxofficemojo”). However Comic books have always been Marvel’s best selling product, the company sold 33 million comics in 1966 alone. And when comic book stores began appearing in America Marvel created “in-store only” comics, these comics were made to be specifically retailed in comic book stores,…

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