Marvel Films Are The Best Thing Essay

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While Marvel movies may seem to be spawned from a director’s mind, the reality is that there is there is over fifty years of comics that have led to the movies. This is why Marvel movies are my favorite type of movies. Instead of having to come up with a plot for a movie that can be bland and overused, Marvel has thousands of comics that they can interpret into various parts of a movie. “While some publishing companies have viewed digital as something to be wary of, Marvel Entertainment has embraced it as an opportunity to grow its business and lead in the space. Instead of waiting to gauge the digital impacts on the 70-year-old comics industry, Marvel decided to lead by innovation instead of imitation. The digital strategy has been simple: be first to innovate and keep evolving--all while staying true to what fans love about comics”. (Vincent, "The Innovation Enterprise") The best thing about Marvel movies being based off of comics is the fact that they know what comics are successful from how the fans react to the certain issue. Whenever the new comic comes out, the fans react, and Marvel listens. This is why Marvel movies are so successful. An example of this would be the movie Avengers: Civil War, being that it made $1.51 billion worldwide ("Captain America: Civil War (2016) - Box Office Mojo"). The reason that it made this much is the fans love for the original comic. Marvel recently acquired the rights for Spiderman from Fox, so they teased putting him in Civil War. It…

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