Martin Luther: A Tragic Hero

Martin Luther
Martin Luther is a name you have undoubtedly heard before. He was a German Reformer who effectively started the Reformation (though he was not the first reformer). He is primarily well known for teaching the true Christian doctrine of justification by faith alone in opposition to the Catholic church, who said faith and works where the path of salvation. He was persecuted and essentially on the run his entire life after starting the Reformation, but he did not recant and instead held true to Christ. Although some might dispute it, Martin Luther was indeed a hero because of his bravery, his determination, and his selflessness. (Baker, 197-205) Martin Luther was brave because he stood up to the Roman Catholic Church’s heresies
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Martin Luther was very determined to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this was exemplified on many occasions (Baker, 200). For instance, when effectively in hiding at Wartburg castle, Luther translated the New Testament from Greek into German so people could read it (Baker, 202). Luther also showed his determination in his many writings in defense of critical Christian doctrine such as justification by faith alone (Baker, 201). This elicited great resistance, but Luther stood his ground still. Many of Luther’s contemporaries discouraged him from being so vocal, and even some his former University of Erfurt rebuked him for his attacks upon the Roman Catholic church. (Morrison, 35) Another determined act of Martin Luther and an example of his being a follower of Jesus Christ was his adherence to peace as much as possible. When people took up weapons against the Catholic Church in violent rebellion, Luther vehemently rebuked them and said that the Word was to be preached instead (Baker, 203). He said, “Compel or force anyone with power I will not, for faith must be gentle and unforced. Take an example by me. I opposed indulgences and all the papist, but not with force; I only wrote, preached, and used God’s Word and nothing else.” (Morrison, …show more content…
(Baker, 195-205) Finally, the third example of Martin Luther’s being a hero was his selflessness. (Baker, 197) Luther could have remained a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, but instead chose to do God’s Will. (Baker, 200-201) Martin Luther sacrificed much for the faith, and this is evident in many examples (Baker, 201) One of these examples was his aforementioned excommunication by “Pope” Leo X in 1521. (Baker, 202) As mentioned earlier, Martin Luther also sacrificed a lot of time to translate the Bible (though he had help on the Old Testament). (Baker, 205) Finally, Martin Luther had a lot of influence, but refused to use it selfishly to gain power.
Examining these heroic traits and acts, we see that Martin Luther was indeed a hero whose actions changed the world to an extend that will likely not be known by man until the final judgement (Baker, 205; Morrison 1) Examining Luther’s life, we see that it was near-undoubtedly one of God’s chosen, and we also know that the free gift of salvation is available to all who will turn from their sins and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation, hearing the Good News of His suffering and death for the forgiveness of sins, and His Resurrection to defeat

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