Martin Luther King 's Leadership Style Essay

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Martin Luther King was the American Baptist Minister and the leader of “African-American Civil Rights Movement”. His leadership style is always under praise by several business practitioners and activities. In this assignment, the ethics, evolution of leadership, psychology of leadership, multicultural leadership and leadership theories that business sectors need to practice will be explained in context with Martin Luther King leadership style.
Ethics of leadership
Martin Luther King was such a kind of person who at his speeches never forgot to mention the philosophers (Cha 2013). As ethical leadership confirms respect and revere to junior members of the community, Martin Luther King never had the tendency to gain attention from his subordinates by using quotations of top philosophers without mentioning them. Being a leader, ethical factors relate to values, belief and dignity. Martin Luther King was found to always embrace fear. He had the self esteem to come forward and met with the individuals who did not like his speeches and always tried to mitigate the differences.
Evolution of Leadership
Earlier in the ancient times it was such that leaders had the inborn qualities and they experienced that through several management scenarios. There were no type and category of leadership styles and people used to follow the person who was most influential (Grimm 2015). On the other hand, some individuals were found to manage circumstances and scenarios on contingency…

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