Martin Luther Essay Outline

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November 10, 1483, young Martin Luther is born in Eisleben, Germany. Already, his father, Hans Luther, has mapped out his son’s entire life. He dreamed that his son would be the one who would climb the social latter giving his family an even higher status as a lawyer. Luther’s parents’ strictness discouraged any rebellion—severely punishing him for any failures leaving him with low self-esteem for the rest of his life. After years of forced studies, Luther faced a religious crisis until one night he was given a revelation by God. He was convinced that he was meant to become a monk and left his father’s plan for God’s plan. His father was enraged by his son’s audacity, but Luther continued to defy his father and went into the order of Reformed Congregation of the Eremetical Order of St. Augustine. He was soon ordained as a priest in 1506 going on to defy the Catholic Church and …show more content…
Being taught on the premise that good deeds get you into heaven, Luther felt that no matter how many good deeds he may do, his soul was just too unworthy. To help ease his conscious, Luther was sent to a University of Wittenberg to teach a Bible study class. This forced his attention onto others instead of solely on himself because he was now in charge of other people’s souls rather than just his own. Luther threw himself into the class work reading the Bible and setting up lesson plans. One day, Luther found himself reading the letters of Paul. Paul believed that by faith alone, your soul shall be able to enter the gates of heaven. Luther extended on Paul’s ideas saying that the Church’s scared rituals and sacrament were ultimately useless in the pursuit of salvation. To the University’s horror, Luther even began teaching his new discovery to his students. These ideals caused questioning of the Church’s teachings to arise. Needless to say, the Church was pretty unhappy to be questioned by its followers, but this was really only the

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