Essay about Martin Brass Case Analysis

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Martin Brass Company

Unless Tom Fuller, Vice President of Manufacturing for Martin Brass, can not quickly find an answer for the conflict brewing between Harry Smith and Jim Jones, the whole department will not only fall behind schedule, but they will also lose synergy within the company. The most acceptable undersired outcome would be that if Jim Jones does have to leave the company, he does so in good terms because of his business brought to the company from the local school board. The management decision variable would be to have both Jim Jones and Harry Smith work out their differences and begin a new relationship in which both employees feel comfortable and happy, this also includes them both working more efficiently, effectively,
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Harry feels that Jim spends so much time thinking about his role as chairman of the school board that he loses track of what is really important- getting the job done at Martin Brass. Harry has a situation in which the saying, “if you treat a man like an s.o.b., he will act like an s.o.b.,” Harry stated that he leaves work to fulfil projects with the school board, which is fine, but never lets Harry know when he is leaving. When he is at work he stops by Harry’s office nine or ten times a day for his approval or advice on a situation which annoys Harry. Harry explains that he can not depend on Jim in emergencies and has tried to talk to him about the problems but he has given him no real answers. Harry wants Jim to perform on the job. He needs to know that he can rely on Jim. We should note that Harry has had many problems with members in the organization before, forcing the man who had Jim’s job to quit after a few years. The desired outcome is for Tom Fuller to come up with a way that both of these men can put their differences aside and come together in the office. Tom Fuller interviewed another foreman “Jim Sprout” who knew the men very well. He was able to provide Tom with useful information, bringing up a lot of points that would favor Jim’s arguments. It looks like Harry is a problem in the top management staff because he

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