Martial Arts : An Effective Tool Against Violence And Bullying

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*Thesis Statement: Research shows that training in martial arts has many mental and physical health benefits; this essay, therefore, will argue that offering martial arts in public schools offers a successful tool against violence and bullying, is an effective way to recover mental health without use of pharmaceuticals, and can improve academic outcomes.
I. Introduction
A. Start with compelling story of Phoebe Prince who committed suicide in 2010 after relentless bullying.
B. General introduction to the benefits of martial arts
C. *Thesis statement
II. The addition of martial arts training into schools can be used as an effective tool against violence and bullying.
A. Bullying is either physical or social and can be controlled through assertiveness, mindfulness, conflict resolution, and frequent repetitive instruction (Levine & Tamburrino, 2014, p.276).
B. Karate has been shown to decrease aggression and increase control over anger (Ziaee, Lotfian, Amini, Mansournia, Mohammad-Ali, MD, PhD, & Memari, 2012, p. 9)
C. Correlation of traditional martial arts to reduce anger (Vertonghen,Jikkemien, & Theeboom, Marc, 2010).
D. In summary, bullying can be effectively controlled through assertiveness, mindfulness, and conflict resolution; all of which have been previously demonstrated outcomes of martial arts training. Similarly, Karate has been shown to reduce aggression and increase anger control. Therefore, mandatory martial arts training in schools would provide potential victims…

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