Marriage Is A Right Of Passage Essay

1611 Words Oct 18th, 2016 7 Pages
What comes to your mind when you hear the word Marriage? Love? Happiness? In the past, marriage was viewed as a right of passage, a way to prove that you successfully completed a part of your life, and are ready to start building a new life with a partner. It was more valued and viewed as a sacred bond between two people who love each other. It symbolized love and happiness. In today’s society, marriage is almost meaningless, and most people see it as just an option, and a court approved piece of paper. Things have changed since the 1960’s when marriage was viewed as a primary goal. Now many people choose cohabitation, a career, adventure, sexual escapades with different partners, and many other things, considering marriage as the last thing on their list or not even at all. Marriage rates continue to decrease and more and more people chose the single life or cohabitation. More people in today’s generation are alone, unhappy, and in poverty, whereas if they had a consistent significant other, they would be much more well-off financially, emotionally, and even physically. Women especially suffer the most as they have children and are left to raise them alone,and suffer an emotional and financial burden. Children in most circumstances grow up without a father figure or a part time one. People have forgotten the true value of being married and the potential benefits of being in a consistent life-long monogamous relationship. Despite the decreasing value of Marriage and…

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