Marriage Is A Potent Source Of Self Esteem Essay

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Marriage is a legal and religious arrangement sought at the onset of adulthood. Majority of the world view marriage as the family relationship that is closely linked to personal happiness, health, and companionship. It is the most enduring evidence of commitment which is celebrated in every culture. Generally marriage is a potent source of self-esteem, which correlates with a person 's happy marriage. The power of marriage can be measured by the decline that occurs in overall happiness when a marriage becomes seriously troubled. Quality of marital life affects a person psychologically especially when deep marital rifts occur. Both sexes goes into marriage wishing for the best, but expectations are dashed. When it comes to marriages, men tend to feel happier more than women, while women feel dissatisfied due to obligations such as husband, career, house work etc are overwhelming (Berk, 2010).

Individuation as it relates to marriage.
The term Individuation was first coined by Carl Jung as a process of maturing and finding oneself. Individuation is a force that promotes personal responsibility and self determination based on values and believes (Skowron, 2000). How does Individuation relate to marriage? According to an article published by Contemporary Family Therapy, a lot since Individuation help an individual to develop a sense of self and be able to assert themselves in a relation. According to Bowen, the degree Individuation achieved by each spouse in a…

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