Essay on Marriage in America Today

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Writing Assignment #3
Argument/Persuasive Paper

Directions: Choose and respond to one of the following writing prompts. You must focus on only one side of the issue. Be sure that your paragraph includes the following items:


* strong topic sentence that clearly identifies the topic and the opinion you’re expressing

* 3 major details that support the topic sentence

* at least 3 minor details that give specific reasons or examples to support each major detail

* strong conclusion

* Keep to the topic. All sentences must be about the topic or detail.


*grammatically correct writing

*correct spelling

*format: typed and double-spaced 12 point, easy-to-read font
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“ Those are the questions many high school students ask themselves today. The answer from experts might surprise a person. Many experts believe that students should definitely not be spending hours in their rooms doing school work every night. One reason is that the homework keeps students from physical activity. After sitting at a desk for seven hours, to come home and sit for two or more additional hours doesn’t leave time for extracurricular sports. Not all students have the ability to keep up with homework and play a sport at the same time. It’s even hard to find time to go to the gym after eating dinner and doing homework. Studies have shown that exercise reduces stress. High school students aren’t able to work off the stress when they have to do homework instead. Getting together with friends for a quick game or to shoot hoops won’t happen when students spend all the extra time studying for tests and writing papers. Another reason students in high school should not have homework is that it limits social time. High school students need time to unwind after school and interact with friends. Not only do they need time with friends, but they also need quality time interacting with family members. It won’t be many years until high school students leave for college and that time should be spent enjoying family time. Many students spend hours on the computer playing music, surfing the internet or playing

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