The Concept Of Love In Modern Romance, By Aziz Ansari

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Modern Romance is a book that opens your eyes to different things. The author Aziz Ansari main purposes of this book it to take a look into love. He often compares the present with the past. He looks at how people met, where they met and what do they want out of a relationship. He did multiple studies to figure out things about romance. With all the results and information given in the book it will bring a lot of things to your mind, either consciously or unconsciously. It is also entertaining to get a view of how people loved back in the day. He always studied international love and it was like a whole different love world. A symbolic change mentioned in Modern Romance is what people want out of a relationship. This has changes over the …show more content…
Men during this time would think like I need a women that can make me babies and clothes. A woman on the other hand was looking for a man who can farm so she can be able to eat. This is what they normally would base their marriage off of. Then during the marriage often times they would grow feeling for each other. “Marriage was too vital an economic and political institution to be entered into solely on the basic of something as irrational as love” (Ansari and Klinenberg 2015;23-24) The concept of marriage is fairly different today. “When we do marry, we are marrying for love. We are finding our soul mates” (Ansari and Klinenberg 2015;26) Since we are not just limited to people in our neighborhood we explore our options. Getting married at a young age is not the norm …show more content…
Back in the day the norm was that people basically met someone in the same neighborhood. Mentioned in the book it was said that many older people maybe in my grandparent’s generation most people met and married someone in their neighborhood. A study conducted in chapter 1 when Aziz goes to a retirement home and talks to people who live there. Majority of the people living in that retirement home said that their spouse lived in the same community as them. So often they did not really expand their options. This was something that was not normally done. (Ansari and Klinenberg 2015; 12-16) This was the norm of that generation. On the other hand, we are not just limited to the people in our neighborhood in today generation. There are tons of people out there and we know that we not just to have settled for someone in our

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