How Does Moll Flanders Affect Society

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Moll Flanders is a woman of great knowledge and drive, which she attempts to utilize to further herself in society and wealth. In the 18th century, there was a vast divide in the role that men and women have to play in society, both trying to gain advantages for themselves in their lives. Moll runs into the problem of marriage throughout her whole life, especially when it comes to her reflecting on society after her marriage to the linen draper who went bankrupt. In this scene, Moll depicts men as all-powerful to suggest that women are dependent to society's standards in order to have an opportunity to obtain wealth and status through marriage. It creates a desperation in women to achieve the marriage status, putting women at the mercy of society and gender. As Moll narrates her story to …show more content…
Women were so dependent on marriage for their life because without a marriage and money, they were just as good as a slave because marriage provided everything a woman needed in life: a house, money, and food. Women had to be very careful with who they ended up with because they only had one chance to get it right. If a woman was brave enough to say no to a marriage, "she never had the Opportunity given her of denying twice" because other men would see her as unworthy and not wanting of marriage (112). The use of the word never gives a sense of finality to the words spoken, showing that women only had one chance to succeed in life. Because of this, women were very dependent on an advantageous suiter to propose to them first. Moll is calculated with the men she lets close to her to pursue her because she knows that they need to have money and a good home in order to be a good match. Society's view of marriage is crucial to the survival of a woman because they must get married to have everything a woman wants out of

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