Marriage : Good Or Bad? Essay

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Marriage: Good or Bad?

The debate of same-sex marriage has been going on for years, leading people to question not just gay marriage but marriage itself. Claudia Card and John Finnis are both against same-sex marriage, yet their reasons are vastly different. Card argues that traditional marriage itself is harmful therefore same-sex couples shouldn’t fight for it. Finnis argues that traditional marriage is a valuable institution and allowing same-sex couples to marry would be harmful to society. The two have almost polar opposite ideas on whether traditional marriage is beneficial or not. While I do see some truth in Finnis’ argument, I believe that Card is correct and that traditional marriage is indeed more harmful to society and that it should be restructured.

Claudia Card’s essay Of Marriage and Motherhood questions traditional marriage and argues that it is more of a tradition than anything. She also strongly believes marriage can be damaging due to the way legal rights are involved. It’s not monogamous relationships she has a problem with, but marriage itself. “My opposition to marriage is not an opposition to intimacy, nor to long-term relationships of intimacy, nor to durable partnerships of many sorts. I understand marriage as a relationship to which the State is an essential third party,” (page 3) Card writes. One problem she has with marriage is that married couples receive benefits that other unmarried people do not, such as certain kinds of insurance,…

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