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Chapter9: E-Marketing and Advertising

9.0 Introduction: 1 9.1 Characteristics of marketing communications via Internet 1 9.2 Advertising Models for the Web 1 Types of Adverts 2 9.3 Measuring Effectiveness of an E-commerce Web site 2 9.4 Exercise: 3

9.0 Introduction:

E-Marketing is the online management process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customer requirements profitably.

9.1 Characteristics of marketing communications via Internet

a) Interactivity-Opportunities for customer to ‘pull’ message (traditionally ‘push’ has dominated) b) Intelligence- Low cost market research about markets c) Individualization- messages can be tailored to individuals (point casting -v-
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Traditional advertising uses brief distilled messages to catch and hold our attention and depends on repetition to deliver the message. Content is minimized and simplified to fit the time constraints of media or the size constraints of the page
However, packing the maximum amount of meaning into the minimum amount of content is critical
In order to advertise on a site you need to know:
i. Why you want to advertise on a site. ii. Who the audience is on the site (demographics and psychographics)?

Types of Adverts

a) Banner adverts This involves the placement of an image or banner of varying size on the remote page. The image contains the corporate logo and perhaps a tag line indicating that the user can obtain information or visit an interesting site by clicking on the image b) Interstitial adverts These are a way of placing full-page messages between the current and destination page. They are pages that pop up between what the viewer is looking at and what they are expecting to get
– With banner ads, viewers quickly learn at some level to recognize banner ads and filter them out – Interstitial messages, like TV commercials make viewers a captive of the message. Typical interstitials last ten seconds or less where the viewer is (hopefully) doing nothing but looking at the ad

9.3 Measuring Effectiveness of an E-commerce Web site

a) Site activity analysis-traffic generated by site b) User profiling-eliciting demographic

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