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International Sales and Distribution Management
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This study focuses and aims to know the difference between domestic and international markets and how to understand how to choose the market, to learn the economic ,legal and cultural aspects of international marketing environment, to understand the risks involved in doing international business, pricing, financial terms, and payment methods used in international markets, also to learn how to gather information about the market and understand the differences between domestic and
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International sales management plays an important role in implementing the marketing policies and selling programs of the company in the foreign market at the ground level, and considering this role, culture is a very important factor in international marketing. Culture influences everything from taste and preferences to consumption patterns and attitudes to foreigners. It influence communication modes, dress and behavior, usage of product and language is also very important in international business to communicate effectively. Whenever business is transacted between two companies in different countries, one important aspect that comes up is the knowledge of law that prevails in case of dispute-these needs to be spelt out in contracts. Laws vary from country to country-there is no international law, it is important to know the local laws to do business on investment, management, employment, marketing, pricing, royalties, profit repatriation, and taxation. Developed countries have stringent laws on safety, pollution, and intellectual property rights. Doing business internationally involved two main risks, these are political and commercial and financial risks. Political risks involved disruption of contracts or payments due to sudden political changes and expropriation of business. Commercial and financial risks are the failure of the buyer

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