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Homework#1: What is Sociology?
For your first homework assignment, I want you to think about the discipline of sociology, and how acquiring a sociological perspective can be useful, even if you do not major in sociology. Your response should be uploaded to Blackboard using the "view/complete" link at the bottom of this prompt no later than 11:59pm on WEDNESDAY, October 29th. Respond to each of the 'prompts' in bold (there are six--Path 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and "Why Sociology?").
Watch this brief video featuring NKU sociology students describing how the discipline of sociology has pushed them to think sociologically about the world around them, and how the sociological perspective is benefitting them in their careers. Watch the (11 minute)
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Path 2: Applying the ideas of those considered giants in the discipline
We will learn more about these ‘giants’ throughout the semester. But, from the video, which theorists’ perspective seems most interesting to you? How might you be able to apply their ideas to the world around you?
Path 3: Ask key questions to guide them in the creation of knowledge
Which of the key questions discussed in the video did you find the most interesting? Why? Can you think of an example of something that you might examine using one of these questions?
Path 4: “Things are not what they seem”
How might looking beyond popular understandings be helpful in understanding the world around you? Can you think of an example where looking beyond the ‘popularly held assumptions’ about something might be important?
Path 5: The compelling issues of the day shape the kinds of knowledge sociologists create
Which issue(s) discussed by the students were the most interesting to you? Can you think of other kinds of issues sociologists might be interested in studying?
Why Sociology?
What is your intended major? Even if you are not interested in sociology as a major or minor, how might acquiring a sociological perspective be beneficial to your area of study? To your ultimate career goals? If you are unsure of your major or career choice, think about how a sociological perspective might help you navigate the world around you. If you don’t see a

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