Marketing Essay

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Matt Beaty
September 13, 2013
Prof. King
Paper #2 Over the past decade advertising has changed in ways that weren’t even thought possible. In the beginning, advertisement got around just simply through people talking. Then when paper and printing came around companies would pay to have an advertisement on a piece of paper or even in the newspaper. Then advertising went by the way of radio and then to television. Advertising has been forever growing, and it is an essential part to a company’s success. With the growing rate of types of advertising, it makes the job of the marketers even harder. Marketers have to find new ways the catch the eye of its consumers, especially that of the Millennial Generation. In the years
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Millions of people flock to these social media sites every day, and it has been even easier ever since the introduction of the ’smart phone’. In today’s day in age, it is extremely easy to get onto a social network. It is at your fingertips with the simple download of an app. Marketers have noticed the ease of getting on social networks and have started putting advertisements on Facebook and Twitter and all other types of social media in order to try and catch the consumers eye.
Social media advertising is still in its beginning years and is expected to explode in the next couple of years. As of July 2013, social media advertising only represent ten to fifteen percent of the advertising revenue, but it is expected to continue to grow rapidly. The BIA/Kelsey prediction says that social media advertising is going to grow to at least twenty percent of the market share by 2017. With this said companies do not want to get behind in trying to advertise to this millennium, so they will start to increase the amount of advertisements.
I have ran into numerous examples of this type of advertising. I always listen to Spotify while I am on the computer and all the time there are advertisements playing after every so many songs. Spotify is a fairly new way of instantly streaming music that you want to hear and marketers have noticed

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