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Marketing and survey research- assignment one

Student name: Lin yuchiao (n9367683) Liu Jinyi (n9030115)
Tutor name: Scott Gibson

As Chinese outboard tourist market in Australia has expanded rapidly, to face this greatest business opportunity that Sunshine Coast tourism department and surf school quest to into Chinese international students market (Mihai, 2012). However, due to the gap of lifestyle between Chinese and western world, surf business gained low market share in this tourism competition. This research is going to set up market decision problem, research problem and objectives. This case analyse will use research technique, including Repertory Grid Analysis, to examine and overcome
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Marketing research problem
MRP: To determine Chinese student leisure activities preference and their purchase intention of a customization surf product.
To measure efficiency of new surfing product development that requires researchers to identify reasons for Chinese’s low interest in surfing and travel requirements of young Chinese. In first, to examine Chinese students consumption insight into anticipated their travel perspective, in terms which kind of leisure activities they most participate in (Vasja, 2010). According to a study of tourist preference of Chinese in Australia, participatory activities are the fourth ranked expectation of six performance options. Also, consumer behavior is affected by a combination of internal and external factors, which leads to difference of travel behavior between various groups of tourists (Collin, Brain & Steven, 2002). As a result, the challenge faced to Sunshine Coast tourist business currently is that creating a new surf product to change inherent concept of Chinese on it. In terms of increasing Chinese tourists gaze at water activities, this campaign, which is customized for Chinese market, requires it accessing Chinese emotional touch point of purchase and encouraging them enter water.
3. Research objectives
RO1: To determine the

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