Marketing Essay

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Marketing Research Paper

Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale fine food establishment on June 18 1998 and is based out of the San Diego area. Kudler has 3 establishments in Southern California that specialize in domestic and foreign foods. Each location has it is own bakery and pastry products, fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, condiments and packaged foods, and cheeses. Kudler specializes in plenty of foreign foods and wines which makes marketing research vital to the growth and expansion of the organization. After reviewing the website I believe it is very important for Kudler to do research on its customer base. The bakery in Kudler has a European style, over 350 fresh fruits from around the world, Asian specialty produce
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While reviewing the website something that caught my eye was that there was no Facebook or Twitter account. Facebook and Twitter both have millions of followers. If Kudler was able to establish at least one of these accounts it will give them the benefit of being able to interact with all of their followers and receive feedback that can be valuable in creating new marketing plans. Having the ability to learn your customer’s habits is valuable to any organization, by creating a Facebook or Twitter account will make sure any promotions or new products are being seen by your targeted audience. With so many different foods and wines being sold at Kudler finding as much as possible about their customer’s buying habits will help them move their product in a faster and more efficient manner. It would be very wise for Kudler to put an emphasis on competitive analysis. By being able to gather and distribute information about products, customers and competitors and use this information to create new and effective marketing strategies will only help Kudler grow into a large grocery store chain. Competitive intelligence will help Kudler identify any risk or opportunities in the market at an early point where it will be able to be most effectively used. Whether you own a small business or help manage a large corporation, what must be understood is that marketing research is vital to the growth of any organization. Marketing

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