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David Grainger


HND Events


[Summary (optional): if your report is 2000 words or more a summary section is advisable. The summary should provide a brief synopsis of the content of the report, focusing on the main conclusions and/or recommendations.]

[Acknowledgments (optional): In a business report these should be kept to a minimum. It should include information regarding assistance provided by any organization or individual.]

Table of Contents
[Table of Contents (mandatory): you should draft this before you start writing the report, to give you a framework, but revisit it afterwards to make sure it still reflects the content and the sequence you
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The key theme of this report is to work together as a team and achieve our goal by successfully passing.


I will be using research on the internet to make sure everything is in place for the event. I will be emailing companies such as bands

[Findings (mandatory): This is the main body of the report in which you will analyse and discuss the main findings from the research. Subsections should be used for each new topic, and it should reflect the aims presented in the introduction. To enhance the quality of the report in this section you should include tables, graphs or charts. Care should be taken to ensure there is a balance between this type of information presented in the findings section and the appendices.]

[Conclusion (mandatory): This is where you put forward your view of what the findings are telling you, and must follow from the information contained in the main body of the report. If the report had several interconnected aims you may want to itemise the conclusions and group them according to the aim to which they relate. Conclusions should be clear and succinct, and must follow from the facts presented in the body of the report.]

[Recommendations (optional): This is the action that the report writer recommends and is the logical outcome of the consideration of the facts and the conclusions. In some cases recommendations are not required however guidance will be

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