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Understanding customers and their behavior   Table of Contents 1. Task One: 1 1.1 SWOT analysis: 1 1.2 Key Products: 3 1.3 Adaptation of the organization marketing mix: 5 2. Task Two: 7 2.1 Marketing Objectives: 7 2.2 Globalization Concepts: 8 2.3 Behavioral trends and environmental factors: 8 2.4 International business and management process: 9 2.4.1 International human resource management: 9 2.4.2 International marketing: 10 2.4.3 International logistics: 10 Reference

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Figure: SWOT analysis of the cots wold Business Supplies.
Source: Kotler et. Al. (2010)

As a furniture supplier, the Cotswold Business Supplies focuses on the achieving responsiveness in performing the business activities. This becomes possible because of its cost reduction policy in marketing and other activities. The company tries to deliver the products to the customers in a shortest possible time. This is a key issue for the Cotswold Business Supplies for their marketing activities. Another important factor is the company always focuses to attain its objectives. For this reason, the potentiality to achieve the determined goals of the company is likely to be high.
Singh, (1993) pointed that the weaknesses of the company are the lack of coordination among the staffs and the weak operational performances in some cases. There is a problem of coordination among the staffs of the company. The tasks assigned to them and the actual performances are not coordinated. For this reason, the company is facing some problems with its operational activities and this will lead to poor operational performances in some specified cases.
The external factors of the Cotswold Business supplies can be evaluated through its
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