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Journal of Marketing Management
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Evaluating market-segmentation research priorities: Targeting reemancipation
Lee Quinn & Sally Dibb a b a b

University of Liverpool, UK Open University Business School, UK

Available online: 06 Dec 2010

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Results from an online survey of academics researching and publishing in the marketsegmentation field suggest little change in the scope or content of these priorities in the past 30 years. This reopens discussion about the slowly changing nature of the segmentation research agenda and raises questions about the ways in which research priorities are shaped by the external environment. The findings further suggest that the conflicting nature of academic and practitioner requirements is a barrier to opportunities for a successful academic/practitioner interface. We conclude that the segmentation research agenda has become too narrow, outlining the need to broaden debate and re-emancipate this important field of research. Keywords market segmentation; research priorities; environmental change; managerial relevance

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The transformational socio-economic effects triggered by the ongoing global financial crisis have reignited interest in the extent to which academic research priorities reflect the social and economic landscape. At the same time, debate around research impact (Martin, 2010), the accessibility of academic scholarship (Reisz, 2010), and the challenges of

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