Marketing Use Sex At The Brand Purchasers Essays

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Experts in marketing use sex to “attract attention to their ads, to position their brands as sexual, and to suggest that sex-related benefits can accrue to the brand purchasers” (Reichert, 2003). Reichert (2003), classifies sexual content into five categories; nudity/dress, sexual behavior, physical attractiveness, sexual referents, and sexual embeds. Nudity/dress is generally integrated into ads and refers to the amount and style of clothing worn by models. Sexual behaviors are divided into two categories, individual and interpersonal; individual includes nonverbal and verbal communication, whereas interpersonal is a sexual interaction between two or more people. Physical attractiveness is defined as a "model 's physical beauty, often including facial beauty, complexion, hair, and physique"(Reichert, 2003). Sexual referents are "images and words that subtly refer to sex or that trigger sexual thoughts" (Reichert, 2003). Sexual embeds are “defined as referents or forms of sexual representation designed to be perceived subconsciously” (Reichert, 2003). Common types of embeds are; the word sex, objects that are shaped or positioned like genitalia and sexual acts; and small hidden images of naked people, body parts, and genitalia.
The first individual advertisement that was selected was an engagement ad that was used to advertise Hearts on Fire. The advertisement was found in Cosmo magazine and its directed audience is women. Using Reichert’s categories we can examine the ad…

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