Marketing Term Essay

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Marketing term: Majority fallacy

A marketing strategy that directs a new product to an entire market, or to the largest segment in it, solely because of its size. Today, this "shotgun" approach is felt to be almost always inferior to the alternative strategy of targeting to smaller segments
Marketing term:

Telescoping error is an error resulting from the tendency of people to remember events as occurring more recently than they actually did.
Marketing term: Evoked set

A group of relevant brands that a prospective consumer is favorably familiar with when they are thinking about making a purchase.
Marketing term: Inert set

brands that a buyer is aware of when considering a purchase but has no interest in.

Marketing term:
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Marketing term: Puppy-Dog Close

A closing technique in which a salesperson urges an indecisive prospect to "take it home, play with it overnight", believing that once the product is in the customer's keeping he or she will be unwilling to part with it.

That means Let the customer try the product for free in the hopes the customer will fall in love with it.

Example: "We’ll give you the product free for your evaluation and only charge you if you don’t return it."

Expected Outcome: The customer loves the product and never thinks to return it.

Actual Outcome: The customer uses the product for the trial period, returns it, then gets your competitor to give them another trial period, and so forth.
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