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A Marketing Plan Presented by:
Sepideh Bayani

Table of Contents Page 1. Background 1 2. Strategic Focus and Plan 1 Mission Statement 1 Goals 1 Competitive Advantage 2 3. Situation Analysis 2 SWOT Analysis 2 Competitor Analysis 3 Company Analysis 3 Customer Analysis 4 Customer Analysis 4 4. Market-Product Focus 4 Marketing and Product Objectives 4 Market-Product Grid 5 Target Markets 6 Points of Difference 6 Positioning 6 5. Marketing Program 7 Product Strategy 7 Price Strategy 7 Promotion Strategy 8 Place Strategy 8 6. Financial Projections 9 Break-even Analysis 9
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Financial: 1. To break-even in profits versus losses within the first two years of business. 2. Within five years, obtain a 15% profit from sales. 3. To maintain financial stability so that we can stay open year-round unlike many other businesses in our area which are only open during the tourist season.

Nonfinancial: 1. Within five years, expand our services to colleges for special events. 2. To create a demand for business outside the country 3. Employ seven to ten workers on average. 4. Sell high quality products at an affordable price.

Competitive Advantage
Cynosure’s most obvious competitive advantage is the product line. The idea of this product consists of nothing but helping people gain there memory back for enhance it. These are items that the other hospitals do not offer. To ensure the exceptional product line, Cynosure focuses on using top-quality products. Customer service and satisfaction is also a high priority. Another competitive advantage is Cynosure is international and operated unlike many of the franchises that have moved into other countries, Such as other expensive hospitals. Location is another key factor of which we have an edge over our competitors. Our location is readily visible, easy to access, and it could be found in any country.

3. Situational Analysis

The SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis provides a brief

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