Marketing Project Essay

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Executive Summary

Wentworth Industrial Cleaning Supplies is an organization whose potential is currently clouded by their lack of competitive strategy. Through analysis of their current situation, several key issues were identified: * Market Research is ineffective and unimplemented * Product line ignores majority of market * Roles of key personnel are illogical and inefficient * Relations with distributors are hostile and unsustainable * Profits and growth is stagnant in an advancing industry * Communication mechanism is fragmented
After evaluation of the alternative courses WICS has for consideration, recommendations to address and rectify each issue were chosen. Through assigning specific tasks to the
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Reallocation of Area Managers’ Duties
Currently, the Area Managers’ roles and expectations are outdated and ineffective. Their duties need to be reallocated to give more autonomy to the Area Managers when hunting new clients. In this way, they can use their discretion when choosing which methods they prefer to use with their clients, based on their skills and what they feel is most effective. We propose they no longer push the demonstrations onto the SSDs, and instead offer sample Kits that the SSDs would give out to customers to sample the product before making their buying decision. Consequently, the Area Manager will cut this time in half and instead give information sessions for SSD staff about the DIY Sample Kits, negotiate lowering margins, and implement new products. Another 20% of the Area Managers’ time will be spent on the relationship with the SSD’s.

Creating and Motivating Personnel Network
WICS’ distributor network will be more interactive, fostering communication amongst all three key players- SSD’s, Territorial and Area managers. The Area managers will visit distributors on a weekly basis to receive feedback, address concerns, and discuss routine business logistics. In addition, distributors will receive a bi-monthly visit from their allocated territory manager, who will ensure that any feedback on the effectiveness of the area manager is heard and acted

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