Marketing Plan For The Red Cross Essay

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Product With ‘Be a Hero’ being a yearlong campaign, the Red Cross will offer clothing and merchandise as well as food to those partaking in the campaign. Clothing and merchandise will include t-shirts, hats, bracelets etc. (see appendix 1 – 3) whereas food will vary from healthy snacks such as fruits to baked goods such as muffins. With red being the distinguishing colour of the Red Cross, the clothing and merchandise will be based off the theme of the colour red. All the products sold during this campaign will have the logo of the Red Cross on them along with the slogan of “Be a Hero” to advertise the campaign itself. What the organization hopes to express with the logo of “Be a Hero” is that anyone can be a hero, no matter who you are or where you come from. All proceedings will of course go to the people in need along with some set aside for future market research. As for the food, that will also be based off the theme of red. This means that there will be red fruit such as apples and strawberries and the baked goods such as muffins or cupcakes will have red icing on top of them with the slogan ‘Be a Hero’ written on them. For the marketing aspect of these products, our clothes and merchandise will be associated with Adidas as this is a very popular brand. With every purchase, the buyer will receive information about the event as well as Adidas so they are able to market their company along with our organization. The information given out will include a brochure…

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