Marketing : Marketing Of Services Essay

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MARKETING HEALTH CARE SERVICES According to Berkowitz (2010), marketing of services is more challenging because of their unique elements, given that they are not tangible. Services differ from products on five components, which is referred to as the five I’s. The five I’s of services that any health care marketer should recognize are inconsistency, inseparability, intangibility, interaction with consumers, and inventory (Berkowitz, 2010).
Multiple people such as physicians, surgeons, nurse, and administration staff deliver services in the healthcare field. Therefore, patient delivered services have inherent variability and the delivery of services may change with the individual who delivers the service. According to Berkowitz (2010), surgeons may have different levels of proficiency at performing a particular procedure but perform the same clinical procedure to deliver services. For example, at Aravind, the surgeon productivity was six times greater than surgeons in other areas and the ophthalmologist perform between six and eight intraocular lens surgeries per hour, which is due to the Aravind approach to provide efficient service operations (Velayudhan et al, 2011).
The Aravind approach has allowed them to perfect several surgery techniques such as refinement of procedures, rather than inventions (Velayudhan et al, 2011). For instance, Aravind developed and implemented a new version of manual sutureless cataract surgery, which reduced surgical procedure…

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