Marketing Is The Most Effective Form Of Advertising Essay

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Tangible Marketing
If you were to ask someone you stopped on the street to define marketing for you, what do you think they would say? Most would rattle on about advertisements on billboards or lengthy super bowl commercials. Neither of which encompasses what marketing fully represents. In our twenty-first century, the world of marketing not only comes in a variety of mediums but it talks, walks, and looks different as well. In the age where everything you ever wanted is at your virtual finger tips, is it possible people need visual stimuli to coax their spending? It is my belief that as detailed studies have concluded, event marketing is, and should continue to be the most effective form of advertising.
When examining the purpose of marketing it is thought of as the way in which individuals communicate the need of goods or services to others. In all the ways those needs can be communicated, none has proved to be more successful in terms of consumer spending, and brand perception than event influences. “Marketers are faced with the problem that consumers are less and less responsive to traditional advertising (Belch and Belch, 2007, p. 12), and therefore they are still looking for new marketing communication tools.”(Martensen, 2007, p.3) If a business is to sustain and grow it must be ever evolving. Companies who hold on tight to what is familiar instead of what is expanding will be left behind. Moving forward, how do we come to measure the effectiveness of these…

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