Marketing History Essay

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Nabilah Abu Bakar
Honor 301H
Assignment #3
September 23, 2013

Discipline Historical Events: Marketing

The discipline of marketing can be traced back as far as the Great Depression, when the term “value” was emphasized, rather than the concept of price (Sullivan). Many people have the misconception that marketing is simply the process of selling products and advertisements but there is more to it. Marketing is defined as “developing products to satisfy customers through proper pricing, promotion and distribution” (Marketing: Historical Perspectives). Essentially, marketing is the process of satisfying customer and maintaining a long-term relationship with customers. Thus, there are three events that have significant contribution
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After a decade later, Neil H. Border developed the concept of the marketing mix and published an article called “The Concept of the Marketing Mix.” In this article, he examined how the integration of the four P’s will result in effective marketing. The first P is price, and Border mentioned that price must be examined and considered when it comes to distribution, location of distribution, retailer’s price, price of competition, and payment plans ("University of Notre Dame"). The second P-product- deals at how the product is unique to the market and also at who would most likely purchase the product. The third P is promotion and this marketing mix determines how a company will promote the product, whether it is by advertising, event marketing, and etc. In addition, the product, price, and customer have to be taken into consideration when deciding on a marketing strategy for promotion. The fourth and final marketing mix is placement. A marketer has to decide where the product will be sold and that includes considering the accessibility of the product. Before the introduction of the marketing mix, marketers didn’t have a foolproof formula for an effective strategy. However, the four P’s created a paradigm shift in the history of marketing because they are a formula that satisfies “both

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