Marketing Communications Strategy : Iberia 's Marketing Communication Strategy

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Iberia’s communication strategy has radically changed in the last years. In 2013, Iberia changed its logo, slogan and communication strategy completely (Wikipedia, 2015). Iberia had a traditional marketing communication strategy which hadn’t included new technologies and it was affecting to its share in the Spanish market and customer confidence.
In this difficult situation, Iberia decided to change completely and to start a deeply process of renovation which offers to the customers new values, new services and, in general, a new company with a new brand.
Nowadays, Iberia’s marketing communications strategy consists of:
Advertising: Since 2009 without adverts because of financial problems, Iberia, in its new communication strategy, has invested millions of euros in the renewal of its brand (AGENCIAS, 2013) and a big portion of it was destined to show its renewal to the public with adverts on TV, radio, social networks…It was the firs advert:
Nowadays, after the first adverts which were focused in consolidate in the mind of the customers the new Iberia’s values and objectives (e.g. medio ambiental concerns and excellence in service), the new advertises are more focused in recover the customers that decided to fly with other company when the company was in trouble and it didn’t offer a good service. Those new adverts show the new services and its better quality, the reduction in…

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