Marketing Analysis : Nokia And Nokia Essay

2365 Words Oct 28th, 2014 10 Pages
Executive Summary
When cell phone technology was first introduced Nokia was a leader in marketing affordable but featured packed phones. However, market and consumer demands changed shifting cell phone technology towards the development of the smartphone. Manufacturers of smartphones, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and other competitors, are concerned with demonstrating the best technology. Nokia has decided to take a different approach and give Microsoft rights and patents to produce Nokia phones using the Windows operating system. This paper combines market analyses and quantitative research approach, to prove whether or not Nokia will see an increase in smartphone sales, due their partnership with Microsoft, and the decision to focus on selling lower price point products.

Over the past several years Nokia has been faced with the challenge of maintaining a competitive position in the smartphone marketplace. Nokia was recently acquired by Microsoft and will continue to support and use the operating system. The decision to continue to use Windows will allow Nokia to focus its efforts on producing more affordable smartphones rather than competition with premium smartphones, such as Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy. This market research plan will discuss whether or not Nokia’s strategy will allow them to become competitive in a different market, by appealing to a different audience. Nokia has the option of either continuing to use the Windows operating…

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