Marketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing Essay example

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Marketing Resources There are plenty of resources available about marketing. All over the web it is possible to find tips, statistics, or news about marketing. There are news sites that give different information so that marketers are able to keep ahead of the game. Statistics for looking at past or current products and see if their marketing strategy is working. People can even find tips and pointers from other marketers on how to get a head start with their marketing career. There is an ocean of information on the internet about marketing the main challenge is searching through the clutter. This paper will have five websites and five articles relating to marketing, and will give summaries for each. Hopefully this will give a good idea of what people can find on the internet about marketing. First website is called American Marketing Association (AMA). This website had a wide variety of features available to any user. The front page offers up to date news stories about the current world of marketing. News stories about new products, different tools available, or even stories about other marketers and their experiences (American Marketing Association). This site also offers many tools and information on a wide variety of topics. They will help advertising, branding, engagement, going digital, research, and strategy that is available to the user. Each one of the tabs gives a list of journals, articles, videos, or even podcasts that will help the user complete their task…

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