Mark Emmert Reflection

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Mark Emmert alongside a female Indiana Law Professor talked to a small group of students, teachers, coaches, and adults. The conversation started with a few basic questions. The first being, “How are rules made and what is the process?” Emmert went on to talk about self-governance and how the universities themselves make their own rules and make their own decision on finances. The NCAA however, is broken down into 3 divisions and a collection of university presidents with sub-committees that make decisions on tournaments and revenue. Revenue, for the NCAA solely comes from championships. The money received by teams in the NCAA is distributed evenly amongst their conference, like the Big 10. This answer was intriguing to me because I was not sure how the money was distributed prior to coming into this …show more content…
I also did not realize that basically all of the revenue made by the NCAA comes from the Men’s Basketball Tournament. This tournament pays for other championships and funds the conferences. However, my favorite question of the night was when Emmert was asked why the NCAA is not in charge of football. Emmerts response was “Lawyers and the rest was history”. He did not go into it after that and I thought that was hilarious. The rest of the questions asked by the Professor were questions you would expect, but one of his answers really got to me. He was asked, if there was one thing he could change what would it be? He responded saying that he wishes he could make athletes understand the great chance of them not taking on their sport as a career. Emmert went on to explain the statistics of players that believed they would be in the NBA and the numbers were astounding. This worries me because friends from my hometown are on scholarship at their respective schools for their respective sports and I want them all to be successful no matter the platform. Mark Emmert was very enjoyable to listen to and I was very happy to be

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