Mark Antony And Cleopatra And Julius Caesar's Death

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Initially, the people of Rome did not want Cleopatra as a queen after Julius Caesar died. Cleopatra wanted to take over Rome after Caesar died, but the people would not let her do that and forced her to flee. The Romans did not want a queen in power especially Cleopatra. Cleopatra was a ruler alongside her twin brother in Egypt, when Caesar came over from Rome to answer a dying wish of her father to look after the two and make sure everything is going well. Caesar brought her back to Rome as his second wife, had a kid with her and then was killed by the council. After Caesar was killed Cleopatra fled the city of Rome with Caesar's best man, Mark Antony, and had a war against Rome. The idea of this research essay is to explain how Cleopatra was affected by Julius Caesar's death, how the Romans viewed her, and what her significance was.When Caesar died, she fled Rome because everyone was going to kill her on account of that she was Egyptian and didn't want her to rule Rome; they didn't mind her when she was just ruling beside Caesar, but they didn't want her to be the main ruler. Not only, Cleopatra knew the people of Rome …show more content…
The author of one article describes how the Mark Antony and Cleopatra ran from Rome and were later defeated in battle. The quote describes how Cleopatra was significant to Julius Caesar and the people of Rome. “Most of the Romans feared and hated Cleopatra, and Octavian (later Augustus) undertook to destroy the two lovers, Antony and Cleopatra were defeated in a battle of Actium in 31 B.C., and, returning to Alexandria, they tried to defend themselves in Egypt.” (Cleopatra) Cleopatra only ran away with Mark Antony, Caesar’s best leader, because she believed he could protect her; she was too afraid of the Roman military. Cleo was significant because she got with Caesar to improve her status and

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