Marjae's Rebellion, Marjane And Her Past

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Rebellion, Marjane and her past

Because Marjane's parents were revolutionary progressives, her daughter adopted a correct attitude, she does not accept the oppression and social injustice that lived in her country by the Islamist regime, with its political, social and economic changes. From there, Marjane's rebellion began, because since she was a child she has differences in the way of thinking and acting with respect to other friends and colleagues.
Is Marjane's rebellion for everything she has to live in her country? Marjane is a rebel because she does not agree with the political, social, and religious changes and the position given to women, situations that have occurred since Marjane's childhood.
This is how, since she was young, she
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This period of conflict causes that Marjane leaves definitively of its childhood, smoking its first cigarette in an act of rebellion. Also, he manifests it by asking his parents posters of American music bands, in this beginning of his adolescence the war between Iran and Iraq also …show more content…
Then she has two relationships, one where she realizes that her partner is gay and another where she realizes that her partner is betraying her, so she gets out of control and starts living in the street until she gets sick and appears in the hospital , then falls into another depression and smokes too much because he is ashamed of his situation and mediocrity in which he lives, which does not respond to the effort of his parents so that she lived well, studied and is someone in life, that is how he decides to return to his Although he had to deprive his freedom as a person and socially after four years in Vienna, he had to return due to his conditions, to his home in Tehran, he had a hard time changing it, since everything and everyone was different, they had changed and it was not like he remembered them anymore.
He also learned that his childhood friend was maimed by the war, Marjane went to visit him and he told him a short story that left him a teaching: "we can only feel sorry for ourselves when our misfortunes are still compatible. Once this limit is exceeded, the

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