Essay on Marine Study On Marine Biology

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1. Introduction:
Marine biology plays an important role in the ecosystem. It accommodates different animals and plant species, which acts as source of food for human beings. These water bodies have different zones of habitat, which supports the life of different species.
2. Coastal habitat:
a. Intertidal zones.
b. Sandy & rocky shores.
c. Mangroves.
d. Coral reefs.
3. Ocean habitat:
a. The Epipelagic zone.
b. The Mesopelagic zone.
c. The Bathypelagic zone.
d. The Abyssal pelagic zone.
4. Conclusion:
Marine animals have importance in the field of medicine and they are the source of 15% of animal protein to human beings. So, there is a need to protect the marine habitat from different ways of destruction.
The earth is covered with 70% of water in the form of seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers. These water bodies act as marine habitat for different animals and plants to live, by providing suitable environmental conditions. There marine habitat is broadly divided into two types, they are Coastal, open ocean habitat and Deep ocean. [1]
Coastal habitat: Coastal habitat is located along the coast line of water bodies. Generally, coastal habitat is prone to erosion due to rise and fall of tides and waves. Based on location and type of environmental conditions, coastal habitat is divided in to many types. [1]
a. Intertidal zones:
This habitat is lies between the high and low tide zone, consists of both water and land. It is again divided in to Spray, Low, Mid, and High…

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