Essay about Marco Polo As History Goes

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Marco Polo as history goes does not stand out with some of the more historical figures of his time. This has become even more popular in the loosely based TV show that has been released about his life. However, without the writings that Marco Polo left us are the very reason we had people like Christopher Columbus. Marco Polo writings inspired Columbus to make the voyage and open up the world to new things, and create an entire generation of people to want to discover new things and see the world. If you believe in the writings of Marco Polo or believe they may not have just been his own you cannot challenge the fact that the stories he wrote and helped influence cartographers make maps that showed the new bold world that was out there to be discovered. His life is things that legends are made of either being an envoy to Kublai Kahn. He shaped the world and gave an invite into things that may have been lost without his travels.
Marco Polo was born in 1254, in Venice, Italy or Dalmatia, but it is known that he was raised in Venice. Marco Polo was not born to a poor family, but was not exactly raised by his parents. Marco Polo was a well-educated young man learning about classical authors, having a well versed understanding of the Bible, and even had a basic understanding of Latin Theology. Marco Polo’s mother died when he was still very young, and his father was not around. Marco Polo’s father was never present due to the fact that his uncle and uncle were very successful…

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