Marco Polo And Ibn Battuta Essay

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Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta are two very famous explores who are known for traveling great distances during a time when such a thing was unheard of, and who kept detailed logs of their journeys. Ibn Battuta’s journey was based off of his religion, and his desire to visit all of the major religious sites and meet important religious leaders. He traveled a total of 75,000 miles over the course of 29 years. Marco Polo was an Italian traveler who claims to have met and become close to Kublai Khan, and began traveling on his behalf. He returned home to Italy 24 years after he left.
Ibn Battuta visited a place called Zafari, and talked about his positive experience at a hospice in the city. “I went out to this hospice and spent a night in it, enjoying the hospitality of the two shaikn…..and I found them to be men of great benevolence” (385-386). Marco Polo visited a providence in the mountains called Vokhan and he describes the people as savages, “Even amidst the highest of these mountains, there live a tribe of savages, ill-disposed, and idolatrous people, who subsist upon the animals they can destroy, clothe themselves with the skins” (92). Marco Polo was catholic, but as he talks about each place he visited, he lists the religion of each place in a matter of fact way. He doesn’t give his opinion on the religion, even if the religion is completely different from his own, “They worship idols; are of a dark complexion, and of evil disposition, and are skilled in the art of…

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