Mao Zedong Essay

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There are several qualities that define an ethical leader. Some are more transparent others. Recognizing the best qualities of a leader is what compels one to admire and follow that leader, yet not all of these leaders are moral or ethical. To describe an ethical leader, one must first define what a leader is. Leaders have the ability to influence and motivate either a single person or group in order to achieve a goal or accomplish a task. When values or ideals are upheld by the leader, then they become a model ethical leader. The way one interprets leadership is not only formed by the world one lives in, but by the different situations one faces. With the world rapidly changing, the way one views a leader is
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His parents, Hans and Louisa Schindler, raised Oskar in a deeply religious household, leading him to remain a devout Roman Catholic throughout his lifetime. Unfortunately, Schindler was not exactly one of high class and morals. Besides coming from a rich and successful family, he was a tall, good looking man; adored by all the women and took great pleasure in giving them what they wanted. Committing acts of adultery and abusing alcohol was considered everyday life for Schindler. With the leave of his father and the death of his mother in 1929, the Schindler family was bankrupt, and Oskar was left alone, poor, and jobless. How can a person like this be considered a leader, especially an ethical one at that? The description of the man above is not of one that would sacrifice his life for thousands of strangers. He was no ideal savior. What changed in this man? What inspired him? In 1930, Schindler moved to Poland with hope of finding a job and emerging as a successful, profitable business man. The Holocaust was dawning and countless people sought out to profit from the war. New laws were put into place against Jewish business owners, forcing them to sell their factories for little to no money. As a member of the Nazi party, Schindler invested in a former-Jewish enamel wear factory in Krakow. Located only a few miles from the Jewish ghettos, Schindler enlisted the help of Itzhak Stern, a

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