Mao Zedong And Its Effect On China Essay

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China went through many procedures in order to become a modernized country. Mao Zedong was the start of the downfall in China and its people. Mao created a group of people, all who supported his ideas to make China more modern and civilized, but the results that happened due to Mao’s ideas ended up being more disastrous than helpful. The Great Leap Forward was the start of the decline of China, then the Cultural Revolution began which concluded with the Beijing Massacre. If Mao Zedong had just left China alone, China would have started to modernize by its self and would not have been rushed and forced to change as rapidly as it was.
The Great Leap Forward was a five year plan (1958-1961) thought of by Mao as a way to modernize China. China was split into communes. Communes were several villages with about 20, 000 citizens living in it and they worked on acres of land (collective farming). People who lived in the commune had to give up possession of their tools, animals, and everything else they had so that everything was owned and operated by the commune, People worked for the commune and not for themselves. The lives of all individuals living in the commune were controlled by the commune. Nurseries, health care services and schools were provided so that the adults could work and not have to be worried about leaving the elderly and children at home. However, in 1959, things started to go wrong. Farming machines started to fall apart and many workers were injured and were…

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